Child Abuse Prevention

Each year, thousands of Texas children suffer from abuse and neglect. More often than not, they are victimized by the adults they love and rely on to protect them.

       In the past, our criminal justice system required multiple interviews with victimized children, often creating additional pain. Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) worked with the civil and criminal justice systems to make a change. At the CAC, a child is interviewed in a safe, comfortable environment, only once.

       One of 71 Texas Children's Advocacy Centers, Childrenz Haven of Polk County, Texas helps minimize the impact of the trauma and legal process for the child and non-offending members of their family. We collaborate with law enforcement, CPS, and the prosecutors, providing a place for all to meet and discuss pending cases, so that no child’s case falls through the cracks.

       And we serve as a healing center for those who have been abused.


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Child Advocacy Center

Childrenz Haven is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves child victims and non-offending caregivers in Polk County, Texas.